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Bayreuth, Germany

Release date:
Early 2024



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The Cow Game is a Singleplayer 3D Adventure about a caring mother cow that tries to find her stolen calf in a small Low Poly world. While you are following your calf’s voice, you find out about a secret cult and experience strange happenings. Can you save your calf? Your child is waiting for you.



The development team of The Cow Game studied Media Science and Media Practice in Bayreuth. We made several joint projects and shared the same passion for game development. In early July 2020, we came up with the idea of Exsomnis: The Eleventh Legion. This game project fueled our decision to start our own independent studio. We decided to make our common dream come true and founded NightinGames. Since Exsomnis was too ambigious for our small team, we decided to first finish The Cow Game. Now, we are nearly finished with The Cow Game and working on several other projects.

Our Debut

2020, The concept of The Cow Game was born during the Franken Game Jam. The game is going to be our first commercial title. During the first year, we didn’t work on it regularly since we were still students at the university and some of us had a part-time job. In the end of 2021, we decided to finish the development. Since then, we have been working more conscientiously on it and can proudly present a demo version at the Gamescom in August 2022. The final game is scheduled for release on Steam in early 2024.


In The Cow Game you play a caring mother cow who needs to find its captured calf to bring it back home. Explore freely different areas like the forest, the mountain path, the lakeside and other regions. You can find different hidden objects, make rabbits follow you, experience a dark ritual and maybe make a close encounter. But be careful – dangers are waiting for you to get between you and your goal. The bears in their cave or the hunter are trying to chase you down. Can you prevent your fate and save your calf? It’s already waiting. Go on an adventure with unknown outcome.

  • EXPLORE the world
  • CALL your calf
  • FOLLOW the butcher
  • COLLECT items
  • MULTIPLE endings

We recommend playing the game with headphones as directional hearing is an important game mechanic that is supposed to make it easier for the player to navigate through the map.




Monetization Permission

NightinGames allows for the contents of NightinGames to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from NightinGames is legally & explicitly allowed by NightinGames. This permission can be found in writing at

About NightinGames

NightinGames is an Independent Game Development Studio located in Bayreuth. We are focusing on atmospheric and narrative core games for PC. The corporation wants to create equal opportunities and a healthy working atmosphere within the team. Our vision is that it shouldn’t matter what gender, age, nationalitiy, religion, psychological and physical limitation or sexual orientation the player or game developer has. The only thing that matters is the skillset and personal character or motivation. Our mission is to advocate for more diversity and equality in the gaming community and game development. We want to act as role model and, above all, support minorities in the industry. We are committed to an atmosphere in which there is no room for discriminiation of any kind and in which conflicts can be addressed openly and resolved on an equal footing. More information on NightinGames, our logo & relevant media are available here.

The Cow Game Credits

Core Team:

Tanja Wiemer (Game- und Level Design)

Antonia Schmidt (Leading Artist)



Fabian Behrens (Programming)

David Mikolai (Sound Design & Composing)



Martin Köhler (Programming)

Lea Kawan (Sound Design & Programming)

Junes Albert (Programming)

Benedikt Friedrich (Social Media & Marketing, Additional Art)

Ariana Dietzel (3D Art) 

Marc Otten (3D Art)

Jannis Feldmann (3D Art)

Natascha Steinert (3D Art)


Early Playable Concept:

Yasmin Burkhardtsmaier (Programming)