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NightinGames UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Frankenwaldstraße 56
95448 Bayreuth
Bavaria, Germany

Antonia Schmidt (08.12.1995)
Tanja Wiemer (02.08.1993)
Yasmin Burkhardtsmaier (30.01.1999)

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Fading (Released / Free to Play)
Free Speech (Released / Free to Play)
Cow Game (Upcoming)


NightinGames is an Independent Game Development Studio located in Bayreuth. We are focusing on atmospheric and narrative core games for PC. 

Corporation History

Antonia Schmidt, Tanja Wiemer, Yasmin Burkhardtsmaier and Natalie Kuhrt studied Media Science and Media Practice in Bayreuth. Their friendship led to several joint projects and they shared the same passion for game development. In early July 2020, we came up with the idea for an amazing game project tht fueled our decision to start our own independent studio. Finally, we decided to make our common dream come true and founded NightinGames. The three shareholders are Yasmin, Antonia and Tanja. Natalie is an important part of the core team. At the time of the founding, all members were still students. Fading was our first free-to-play released title and we published it on In addition, the prototype of Free Speech was released shortly after Fading. The concept of The Cow Game was born during the Franken Game Jam („Anticipation“). The game is currently being further developed into our first commercial title. We work also in other sectors such as film, explanation videos and website design to cover our production costs. On June 2021, we partnered with the Bit Barons. Our responsibilities included finding a way to finance the production of Jerry McPartlin and the Flute of Anaza to start with the development. Spring 2021, Antonia graduated with a bachelor’s degree in „Hollywood in the Living Room“. Tanja completed her studies half a year later („The Phenomenology of Horror – How audiovisual attributes affect the recipient“). Yasmin started her master’s degree and her bachelor thesis was about „The uncanny Nature of Noise – The Daramaturgy of Loss of Control and Disruptions in Videogames“.

Vision and Mission

NightinGames wants to create equal opportunities and a healthy working atmosphere within the team. Our vision is that it shouldn’t matter what gender, age, nationalitiy, religion, psychological and physical limitation or sexual orientation the player or game developer has. The only thing that matters is the skillset and character.

Our mission is to advocate for more diversity and equality in the gaming community and game development. We want to act as role model and, abvoe all, support minorities in the industry. We are committed to an atmosphere in which there is no room for discriminiation of any kind and in which conflicts can be addressed openly and resolved on an equal footing.


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