Antonia Schmidt

Co-Founder | Management| Producer

Toni is Co-Founder of NightinGames. Her responsibilities are the financial planning, accounting and producing. Within the development team, she is 2D Artist with focus on UI Art.

Tanja Zinser

Co-Founder | Project Organisation | game/level design

Tanja is Co-Founder of NightinGames. Her responsibility is the project organisation and creative direction. Within the development team, she is responsible for Game- and Level Design.

Christian Dickert


Christian is a dedicated supporter and knowledged playtester at NightinGames. His ongoing belief in our company, along with his valuable expertise and connections, make him an important member of our team.

Gregor Sönnichsen


Gregor is Programmer at NightinGames. Within the development team, he is Unreal, C++ and Build Wizard, and eternally yearns for storytelling.

Junes Albert


Junes is programmer at NightinGames. Currently working on multiple projects, he is constantly torn in questioning himself whether Unity or Unreal will ultimately take the special place in his heart.

Vu Michailidou

3D Artist

Vu is a 3D Character Artist at NightinGames. He is responsible for creating hi-poly to game-ready models as well as rigging and animation.

Jonas Herrmann

3D Artist

Jonas is a 3D Artist at NightinGames. Within the development team, he is responsible for 3D Environment Assets

Jasmin Kittlitz

Tech Art

Jasmin is the team’s technical artist. She is responsible for things like shaders and general in-engine art stuff.

David Mikolai

Media Composer | Audio Designer

As a long fan of interactive music and soundtrack themes, he is passionate about composing for video games, audio books and films. His style goes far beyond guitar themes. He likes working with synthesizers and orchestral elements, which are very common in video games and films today.

At NightinGames we work side by side with game design and programming to optimally integrate the written music and sound into the game engines.

Raphael Zinser

Game Designer

Raphael is originally a biologist but somehow strayed into the game industry. At NightinGames he is responsible for research questions and narration especially for Exomnis: The Eleventh Legion. The Sound of Lightning is his first small project as a junior game designer.