Tanja Wiemer

Hello, folks. My name is Tanja Wiemer and I am a student of Media Science at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. Currently, I am completing my Bachelor’s degree and moved to Hamburg. I am Co-Founder @NightinGames and focusing on Sales Management and Marketing as well as Creative Director. When I am finished with my studies, I want to work as Level- or Game Designer for Indie Games. My personal goal is to grow steadily in order to become better every day. Before, I studied Biology at the Eberhard Karls University of Tuebingen. I changed my mind to work in a field I truly love: Games. If you are interested in my work feel free to contact me!



I maintain the Game Design Documents and write In-Game dialogues and short notes. I also worked for the daily newspaper in Werne and Tuebingen and wrote professional articles. As a hobby, I like to write Short Stories.

Game Design

Game Jam’s teached me to brainstorm and operate different people in order to create working prototypes. It is important to achieve realistic goals and having enough spare time to polish as well as balance the Game in the end. 


I am working with Unity and therefore C# since 2018. I am aware that I lack varieties of programming languages and Game Engines. However, I decided to evolve a decent insight in one thing, before I understand little of each.

Level Design

I am improving my Level Design skills by creating different terrains to embed puzzles and animations. I think it is very instructive to watch Let’s Plays to analyse certain strategies for e.g. pathfinding, PostPro and lighting. I started to look into Shader Graphs.


I am able to model and texture 3D assets with Maya and Blender. 2D art is animated (keyframe) and drawn with Clip Studio Paint Pro. Therefore, I use a simple and sufficient Wacom Intuos Tablet. However, I prefer doing my sketches with pen and paper.

Agile Project Management

NightinGames is used to work with SCRUM. I host my projects on GitLab and the team uses the ticket system. I can work with SourceTree and gitKraken Pro.

Game Projects

Fading (2020)

Walking Simulator & Exploration

Software: Unity 3D, Maya, Clip Studio Paint Pro

Tasks: Game- & Level Design, Additional Art, Narration

The game is about a girl who lost her family in a fire and now lives with her relatives in Germany. Despite all the support, she cannot let go of her past.

Aiko (Work in Progress)

2D Jump ’n‘ Run

Software: Unity 2D, Clip Studio Paint Pro

Tasks: Solo Project with In-Game Art by Antonia & Natalie

The young and ambitious assassin Aiko wants to prove that she is ready to become the next head of the family. (Password: wip)

The Cow Game (2020)

Simulation & Exploration

Software: Unity 3D

Tasks: Game- & Level Design

This game was made during the 48 h Franken Game Jam („Anticipation“). You play a caring mother cow, who is following her calf deep into the woods. You can call for your little one and it will answer you. Can you find your child and bring itback to safety?

Heart of the Machine (2020, Demo)

Strategy & Ressource Management

Software: Unity 3D  & Autodesk Maya

Tasks: Game- & Level Design, Art, Narration

This game was made during the 48 h Mini Beans Jam („You Move the World“). You play a mechanic in a small steampunk world and your goal is to maintain the engines.

Free Speech (2020)

Moral Machine (Casual Mobile Game)

Software: Unity 3D, FireBase, Google App Store

Tasks: Additional Programming

There are many different opinions on the Internet. What is still freedom of speech and what should be censored? The player decides by swiping quotes. In the end, the statistics can be compared with other players.

Untold Stories of Little Glade (2020)

Farming Simulator

Software: Clip Studio Paint Pro

Tasks: Environment & Interior 2D Art


City without Light (2019)

Point-and-Click Adventure

Software: Unity 3D

Tasks: Game- & Puzzle Design, Programming

A futuristic dystopian world. Two stubborn women. A hunt for the truth. 

Before Winter Falls (2019)

Sandbox Survival 

Software: Unity 3D

Tasks: Game- & Level Design, Programming

This game was made during the 48 h Global Game Jam („Home“). The small hedgehog cannot return to his cozy home. Instead the spiny mammal must build a new one with all his strength. You can help him!

Shattered (2018)

Survival Horror
Software: Unity 3D & Autodesk Maya
Tasks: Level Design & Additional Art
You wake up in a hospital room. What happened? Where is everybody?

Wrong Hatch (2018)

Point-and-Click Adventure

Software: Unity 2D

Tasks: Game- & Level Design, Programming

This game was made during the 48 h Game Jam at the University of Bayreuth. It was a test project for our bigger Point-and-Click Adventure City without Light.

Blackwood Station (2018)

Survival Horror

Software: Autodesk Maya

Task: Additonal Art & Sound

The game was made during the 48 h Global Game Jam and it was my first participation in a game project. At that time, I had no experience with modeling or game development.

2D Art

Untold Stories of Little Glade:

Aiko – Between the Shadows:

Other Projects:

3D Art


Documentation about Bird Protection (German):

Developer Let’s Play of Fading (German):