In Development

The Cow Game

The prototype was made during the 48h Franken Game Jam 2020. You are playing a caring mother and you are searching for your kidnapped child in the woods.


Windstorm: The Legend of Khiimori

It is a cooperation between Aesir Interactive and NightinGames. The game is the newest title of the Windstorm Series. Find more infos on the steam page:


The Sound of Lightning

The Sound of Lightning is a first person puzzle game set in an alternate timeline in a Teslapunk setting. During your mission, a mysterious woman reaches out to you via radio and seeks help. Will you help her or will you pursue your own interests?


Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch, DLCs

NightinGames was part of the development and release of Horse Tales‘ DLCs „Arabian Horse“, „Foal Care“ and „Rainbow Tack Set“. We are proud to be chosen as cooperative partners by Aesir Interactive.



These smaller games were made during university and internal team game jams. They are ranging from our first finished game to experimenting with new mechanics and technology.




Exsomnis: The Eleventh Legion is going to be a First Person 3D Mystery Adventure about ancient gods in the first century.

The Concept was financially supported by FFF Bayern and the budgetary funds of the Free State of Bavaria.