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Where It All Started

NightinGames is a small Independent Game Development Studio that develops Core Games for PC. Currently, we are developing The Cow Game. The company was founded 2020 as a virtual company. We are namely located in Bayreuth, Germany. Bayreuth is also the place, where we studied Media Science at the University. You wanna stay updated? Follow us on Social Media.

The NightinGames Team

Hey, there! Antonia and Tanja met during their studies of Media Science at the University of Bayreuth and shared the same dream of creating immersive game experiences. First, we worked together in small university projects where we loved working with each other. That’s how NightinGames was founded.
Step by step our team grew. Now, we are now a team of eight developers.

Meet the Team

We are Part of „game“!

Since July 2022, NightinGames is a member of the „game“ federal association in Germany. We are looking forward to cooperate with you.

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