The Cow Game


Your journey leads you to a forest and a dangerous cave. You must conquer the heights of the mountains and escape a mad priest. An almost abandoned farm and a secret village await you while you chase the butcher down. And all this for the little hope to find your child again.

Solve Puzzles

You need to overcome obstacles and solve small puzzles to find your way through the world. Are you smart enough to proceed your way or do you get lost? Open barricaded paths, help your animal friends and stay away from dangers. The adventure is waiting!

Stay Sane

While exploring, you need to be careful. HE is about to awaken. Watch your steps and stay sane. Someone is watching you and might help you to not fall into madness. Some collectables might help you but worsen your mind. So, what are you going to do?

Wishlist on Steam

The Cow Game will be released in early 2023 on Steam! You can already wishlist it on Steam. It would mean a lot to us. Thank you!

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If you are interested in our game, you can have a look at our The Cow Game Press Kit! If you have more questions, you can also message us.