Hey! My name is Antonia Schmidt and I work fulI time for NightinGames. I  completed my Bachelor of Arts in Media Science in 2021. I love to work creatively – mostly as a pixelpusher in some way. My next tasks are to expand my skills. Furthermore, I would like to learn more about game development and undiscovered skills!


Low poly to high poly modeling | Character modeling | Environmental & prop modeling | Pixel Art | 2D Art & Design | Animation

All my life, I’ve been very fond of drawing. First, I drew on sheets of paper or canvas, now I use  digital methods with Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop as well. I am practicing my skills daily.

I learned 3D art while studying and we used Maya. However, I switched to Blender for our new projects. So far, I have mainly modeled stationary objects and got a taste of character modeling, but in the future I want to expand my skills regarding rigging and animations.

I’m working part-time as a media designer since a number of years. We mainly create books for printing and online commercialization. I use Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat, as well as Microsoft Word on a professional level.


Movie Directing | Writing of Shortstorys, Storyboards & Screenplays | Movie Editing | Animation

I really enjoy organizing, which is why the role of the director in small projects usually appeals to me the most. I was allowed to do this several times and great things came out.

I’ve always enjoyed writing short stories. Details are always in the foreground in order to make the narrated world livelier. I also like to refine stories that others have already come up with. Also I have dozens of movie idees, but currently no time to tackle them.

I started editing small YouTube videos for fun. In the process, I developed a feeling for cutting. Since then, I prefer to edit our film projects. I mainly work with Adobe Premiere and create small animations with After Effects.


Sound Design | Audio reports | Podcasts | Voice Acting | Editing

I worked on the radio for a few months. I learned sound editing with Adobe Audition and editorial work. I thought up small reports myself, did research, conducted interviews and edited them.

I love lending my voice to characters in games or films. It all started, when I recorded small audio books. In the meantime, I am allowed to voice act regularly for YouTube projects or indie games like Fading.

I still enjoy reading stories and also like to hold discussions on podcasts.

Most time I like to edit the audio files myself to add effects or ambience.


Fading (2020) is a small First Person Walking Simulator taking place in a single room. You are supposed to explore the room an find hidden objects to discover the story. You can play it here on!

Roles: 2D Art, 3D Art, Voice Acting, Narration


The Cow Game (2022) is an exploration game developed during the Franken Game Jam 2020. 
You play a caring mother cow, who is following her calf deep into the woods. You can call for your little one and it will answer you. Can you find your child and bring it back to safety? You can add it to your steam wishlist right now!

Roles: 3D Art, Animation, 2D Art


Exsomnis: The Eleventh Legion (WIP) will be a first person 3D mystery adventure about the ancient gods in the first century. The concept was financially supported by FFF Bayern and the budgetary funds of the Free State of Bavaria.

Role: 3D Art, Concept Art


Demon Trip (2021) is a sidescroller mobil game you can download in the Google Play Store.
It was developed during the Mini-Beans-Jam 2020. 
The earths’s timer has run out. Now it’s your turn to deal the final fatal blow. Bring the hazard to earth and don’t let angry angels stop you. You can also play it here on!

Role: 2D Art


Free Speech (2020) is a mobil moral machine
Is a quote still part of Free Speech or should it be censored? You decide, but stay objective! In the end, your results will be compared with the choices other players have made. You can play it here on and soon in the appstores!

Roles: 2D Art, Game Design


City without Light (wip) is a 2D point-and-click-adventure
In a dystopian cyberpunk sphere you’re playing two protagonists. They go different ways but finally both want to improve the world’s situation.

Roles: 2D Art, Puzzle Design, Voice Acting


There are some other games, I did art for. These were mostly developed during Game Jams and I did 2D Art or 3D Modelling. You can see some examples: AIKO, Before Winter Falls, Territory Terror and Wrong Hatch.


In this documentation we followed the work of the voluntary wild bird keepers.
You can watch
 it here on youtube.

Role: Director, Editor, Camera, Interviewer, FX


Two student apartments compete against each other in a cooking competition.
You can watch part one
 here on youtube.

Role: Director, Editor, FX


A small podcast series about pets.
You can watch part one
 here on youtube.

Role: 2D Art, Director, Editor, Interviewer


This video shows some buildings I created in minecraft – more precisely for the bergwerkLABS multiplayer server.
You can watch it
 here on youtube.

Role: Builder (3D), Director, Editor


I did some voice acting for Herr Bergmann’s minecraft short movies.
Among others in these videos: Jäger der verlorenen Handys, Shrinkberg 
(if you click the link you will directly jump to my parts)


For our game project Fading I did the introduction and some voice lines ingame.


In City without Light I speak the role of Rain, one of our main characters.