Portfolio of Natalie Kuhrt



I just love to sketch, no matter when, no matter where, during classes, on the bus, in the park… Later on, I transfered my drawing skills from paper to digital Arts with Clip Studio, Krita and ArtRage. Most of my experiences I gained creating 2D Arts, but I also made 3D models in Blender and Maya for gameprojects. 


Narration & Writing

Since middle school I practised my narration skills while making movies. Additionally, I’ve also done a few story based Games and radio dramas as well as features. Since 2019 I’m also a member of the German Youth Press, wrote some articles and made video reports. Furthermore, I worked for the editorial staff of Parabol and Unbequem for social media platforms.


UI & Level Design

Throughout my latest projects I practised how to do UI Designs. I’ve designded menu layouts, created designs for cursors, buttons and player feedbacks. Most of all I created fonds for our games.

Furthermore I’ve been designing quests, maps and spend time with balancing processes.

Teamwork and -leading

During my voluntary youth work, I took part in some course about teamleading and manage-ment. Also I learned a lot working with kids on film-projects and my time in the medical services. Later on during my studies I also trained how to manage gameprojects using scrum. Besides, I’ve been giving guitar lessons or instructor in sailing trainings.

Filmmaking Experiences

Since I was five, I’ve worked with cameras. I’ve been doing a lot of different film projects with different kinds of cameras where I learned how to set scenes and how to work with lights. I like to spend my time with photography, espescially portraits and animals. I also spend a lot of time with editing processes. Most of the time I am using VEGAS for movieprojects, but I know how to do colour grading or edit pictures as well.



I got most of my experiences with sound during editing processes, but I’ve  worked as boom operater or Sound Designer in some projects as well. I know how to handle different kinds of audio equipment and I worked with Audacity, but most of the time I rather work with pictures than with sound.


3D Art Examples


City without Light

Point-And-Click SciFi Adventure

A Scifi dystopia.

My Tasks: Artist, Character Design, Animation, Puzzle Design


Walking Simulator

An explorational game with a touching story, told in a single room.

My Task: Playtesting, Texts for textures

Vampirfieber Interactive

Interactive Video-Series

This project startet as an experiment. But after the first two episodes we really liked the fun of developing this, so we went on, filling it with narration until we got five more episodes, about vampires, friendship and prejudices.

My Tasks: Actor, Puzzle Design, Camera, Sound, Location Scouting, Editing, Coding, Film Director


The Cow Game

3D Adventure

A very peaceful game about a cow and her calf. Developed during the 48h Franken Game Jam 2020.

My Task: 2D Artist, UI Design

Baby's First Visual Novel

Visual Novel

A dating sim in the kindergarden.

My Tasks: High Concept, Artist, Character Design, Coding, Narration, Level Design, Minigames, Sound, Scrum Master, Management and Organisation&Evaluation of Gametestings



2D Jump’n’Run

My Task: UI Design

(Password: wip)

What is Art

Point and Click

A game where you have to create art.

My Tasks: Everything

Drug Moon

Farming Sim

A farming simulator with a dark side. 

My Tasks: Questdesign, World Map, Interiordesign, Animation

Territory Terror

Couch-Coop racing Game

Cat vs Dog, who will win the epic battle between these two world rulers? Developed during the Global Game Jam.

My Task: Artist

Batttle of the Gods

Turn based Combat-Cardgame

The god of nature and the god of civilisation fight over the controle of the land. You can play differnt cards to manipulate the terrain and build towns or magical trees. Developed during the Global Game Jam.

My Task: 2D Artist

Movie Projects

Nie Wieder Shakespeare Productions e.V.

NieWiederShakespeare Productions is a youth club me and my family founded together with some friends. We are regulary doing some movie projects with children from age 4 up to students aged 22. But from time to time we are also doing some workshops, film camps or just movie nights. 
Below I’m listing up some of my favourite projects I’ve been working on. If you’re interested in seeing more, you can check out our homepage or the Youtube channel.

Sitting a Clown

Horror Shortfilm

A movie about an urban story, where the protagonist has to babysit a creepy little girl. This project was produced during a workshop about cross-backlighting.

My Tasks: Camera, Light, Scene Design, Editing

Little Me


A little story about mobbing and the difficulty of growing up. 

My Tasks: Editing

Lamas, Marshmallows und Hundefresser

Radio Play

A little sound experiment about character design and how to create rooms with sound. In the story a group of young children are starting a club of detectives to prove that their teacher ate all dogs in the neighbourhood and destroyed their playground.

My Tasks: Skript, Director, Organisation, Sound, Editing

9 Arten den Ton zu versauen

Youtube Tutorial

In this movie we shared our experiences about working with sound in movies. Therefore we listed up 9 tipps for better sound recording.

My Tasks: Camera, Actor, Sound

Voll Verpeilt im Wilden Westen

Cowboy Shortfilm

A group of young accidently travells back in time into the wild west. A story about dealing with conflicts and heros.

My Tasks: Camera, Sound, Editing, Story Board, Directing



Lina isn’t happy about her big sister moving away for her studies. So she makes up a plan together with her kindergarden mate Emsi to prevent that.

My Tasks: Camera, Location Scouting, Making Of, Editing

Keller Kinder

Horror Shortfilm

A movie about a broken family, vanishing children and a monster in the basement. In this project we experimented with ways to build up a scary atmosphere without using jump scares.

My Tasks: Camera, Sound, Light, Editing

Summer Camp Challenge - Collection


This Video is a collection of some of the movies we’ve made during our summer camp. In the camp we’ve dealt with different filmtopics like Framing, Dogma or Reaction Shots. For every topic we had a little challenge: to make a movie in only a few hours using the new technique .

My Tasks: Camera, Sound, Editing, Actor, Teamer, Script 

Unbequem - Stadt-Jugend-Ring Erlangen

Unbequem is the department for social medias of the Town Youth Association of Erlangen. In this department we are mainely making reports for Youtube about things that are going on in the city or general political topics to encourage the young people of Erlangen to participate actively in our society. As well as in the movie club we already had plenty different projects, so I’m only listing up a few of them.

If anyone wants to see more, you can check out the Youtube Channel:

Klimaproteste in Erlangen

A short documentary about the ‚fridays for future‘ climate demonstartions in Erlangen.

My Tasks: Camera

Artikel 13 - Europawahl 2019

Before the European Elections we travelled to Brussel to interview diefferent german delegates about different topics, like climate politics, the democratic deficit, or in this video, about the new changes in copyrights of 2019.

My Tasks: Camera, Sound, Editing

Comic Wahnsinn in Erlangen

This is a short report about the biggest Comic-Convention of Germany, which takes place in Erlangen every two years.

My Tasks: Organisation, Camera, Editing

U20 Events in Erlangen - Winter 2019

In this video we collected different kinds of upcoming activities and events in the wintermonths of 2019 for people who are younger than 20.

My Tasks: Moderator

Erlanger Benefizlauf 2018

A short report about the charity run which takes place in Erlangen every year.

My Tasks: Camera

Berufsbildungsmesse in Nürnberg

In this video we went to the vocational training fair in Nürnberg. There we interviewed different people of dirfferent industries to make a general overview about the variety of possibilities young people have after finishing school.

My Tasks: Camera

One Billion Rising - Erlanger Tanzflashmob

A short report about the global flashmob One Billion Rising which also took part in Erlangen. The movement takes place every year on the 14th of february to raise the awarness about sexual harassment.

My Tasks: Organisation, Camera, Editing

University Projects

Next to games, I also worked at some other projects during my studies, movies, theaters or audio projects. Below there are listet a few of them.



A story of two strangers who are stuck in a train together. At first they don’t get along very well but after some time they get to know each other better. A movie about prejudices and a love story.


My Task: Set Runner

Zimmer Gesucht

Sitcom Serie

A Serie about the diversity in humans and the troubles of finding the right apartment.  


My Task: Setrunner

Voicemail to the Past

Radio Feature

In this Feature people will be able to leave a message on the beep machine of dead celebrities which then wil be tranferred to the afterlife. A collection of different messages.

My Tasks: Concept, Editing


Stop Motion Shortfilm

Due to the corona distance regulation the protagonist notices the girl next door for the first time. A short love story.

My Task: Everything

With a Blast

Music Video

A song about broken dreams and achieving your goal.

My Task: Setrunner

Der König des Nordens - PTR vs Fabian Merks

Music Video

At the university of Bayreuth there is an ongoing Rap-Roast- Challenge where students challenge each other. This is one of the answers to Fabian Merks by PTR.

My Task: Camera

Other Projects

Last but not least, some other projects I’ve been working on in my freetime. 

Interviews at the JuFiFe - Parabol


Once in a year Parabol helps organising the JuFiFe, a shortfilm festival with projects of young people. During the festival the different filmgroups also get interviewed for the official Facebookhomepage of the festival.

My Tasks: Camera, Editing

What Boys want


A little comedy project about a mother which is concerned that her daughter is dating a gamer.

My Task: Co-Director

Personal Narrator


A comedy movie.

My Task: Boompool Operator

Let it Spin


A movie for a song by Lili Traviato.

My Tasks: Set, Camera